Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy hard copies of the photos?

Yes, you can purchase small and large copies of portraits from our online store.

Is it possible to buy prints of other photos that Leslie took at the Out In Singapore shoot?

In the coming weeks we will enabling you to order prints from a wider selection of the photographs taken during the Out In Singapore 2018 shoot. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date.

How will the 150 participants be selected?

Our wish is to shoot a portrait of everyone who’d like to come out! But with financial and time constraints we will have to limit our 2018 casting call.

Our goal is to reflect the diversity of races, ethnicities, ages, bodies and abilities that are found in Singapore’s LGBTQ community. We regret that participants under the age of 18 years old will not be permitted unless they have parental consent.

If you’re not chosen this year rest assured there will be another chance in the future. Out In Singapore will be an ongoing project. Leslie Kee’s goal is to shoot thousands of portraits of LGBTQ in Singapore!

Do all participants have to be LGBTQ? What about Straight Allies?

All participants for this project must identify as LGBTQ. The primary purpose of this project is to shine a spotlight on sexual and gender minorities. Our intent is to combat the stigma and ignorance that LGBTQ face must everyday.

This means that although we love our straight allies and acknowledge that many stand up on behalf of LGBTQ, we ask that allies respect our decision for Out In Singapore to be an LGBTQ only shoot.

We encourage straight allies to bring their friends and family to the exhibition so that others can become allies too. We hope to celebrate our straight allies in a future project. Stay tuned!

Do I have to be out of the closet to have my picture taken?

The project is called Out In Singapore. Hence in order to qualify you have to be open about who you are. You're welcome to use the portrait as a platform to formally come out publicly. All participants must state their sexual orientation and gender identity along with their portrait, when and wherever it's published.

Where will my portrait be shown?

Firstly, your portrait will be displayed at the Out In Singapore Exhibition (July 5 – July 29 at Intermission Bar) as part of the inaugural PinkFest 2018. Your portrait will also be uploaded on the Out In Singapore website, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Our hope is to show this landmark collection of portraits at every opportunity lable. Prior to the shoot participants will be requested to complete a release form that confirms we have your permission to use your portrait for the Out In Singapore project.

I see lots of couple portraits on the Out In Japan pages. For Out In Singapore, can couples take portraits together?

Yes, couples are most welcome take a portraits together. In fact, we encourage you to come with your significant other and get cozy in one photo.

Can my friends and I take a group shot together? What about pets... can we have a picture taken with our ‘furkids’?

Sorry, no group shots. The maximum number of people per shot is two. If you’ve seen group shots for Out In Japan, they were taken for publicity purposes only. This project is about people, so we respectfully ask that you please not bring your pets.